The NFT-ACT (Automated Content Tracking) is a Metaverse Royalty, License, and Provisioning system that solves bottlenecks in legacy monetization systems with the use of non-fungible tokens. NFTs can allow for intelligent collection and generation of royalties in a myriad of ways through a seamless integration with both current and legacy content spectrums. Utilizing the computing power of XRP Ledger to boost efficacy and transparency in content publishing systems.

With future use from organizations such as ASCAP and SoundExchange, to Google’s Content ID system, Spotify, and publishing structures throughout the world, the NFT-ACT coincides with a natural progression of the immersed world.

As the programming language for the way we interact between the physical and digital worlds is being written, a pixel for all will inevitably help stabilize and bridge the infrastructure of the metaverse. Additionally, providing pixel administration to pixel creators disrupts bottlenecks in publishing systems.

In industries where bad actors often manipulate bottlenecks for personal gain and ultimately system wane, an NFT-based content provisioning system is inherently trustless and works for the health of the system. Through enhanced metrics, the NFT-ACT helps to unite a non-profit and profit approach in publishing the connected world.